Friday, October 13, 2006

And You Look Back At Me

Dave Mason Cover ShotAlone Together Cover ShotDave Mason doesn’t hold his guitar, he wears it like a comfortable flannel shirt; he controls his guitar like a master controls his servant; he hypnotizes it, like the snake charmer hypnotizing the snake. The notes are round and fluid, there are no sharp edges; they’re huge droplets of water falling into a still pond, their effect radiates to the far reaches of the shores and the audience’s collective ears. Dave’s voice is a bit raspy and distinct, like a familiar friend.

Dave’s guitar playing last night at Humphrey’s was memorable. Here’s Paul’s comments.

Well, there's not much more to say about how great Dave Mason's guitar playing was last night. But he is often overlooked for his lyrics. This morning I remembered a story from long ago.

When my daughter Sara was about twelve, she had a creative writing project to do at school. She could write about anything she wanted. It was the teacher's attempt for them to write poetry or lyrics. Sara didn't know where to start, so she asked me for advice.

Here's what I said.

Lookin all around me,
What do I see
Lots of changing faces
Lots of things to be
Lord I'm happy just to be
A part of all I see
As I turn around to look at you
And you look back at me

Sara said "Dad, that was incredible, did you write that? That was just the best group of words."

Don't worry, I didn't take the credit.

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