Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Moonset at Moonlight Beach

Moonset at Moonlight BeachThis is actually Stone Steps Beach, a few blocks north of the more fabled Moonlight Beach (close enough). This photo was taken about 15 minutes before dawn on December 4th. The air was cool (read: cold) and still. The only sound came from the gentle lap of the waves. Waves breaking sound gentler and less crashing at night than they do during the day. Maybe the usual night time moisture helps deaden the sound, I’m not sure. The reason this picture is more unusual than you might think, is that, One: I am not usually up and out before dawn, and Two: the conditions aren’t always clear (especially right before sunrise), the moon isn’t always full, and the moon doesn’t always set just before dawn. So, while driving home from an early morning airport delivery, I saw the moon low and full over the western sky. I had to grab the digital and try a shot or two.
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