Saturday, March 17, 2007

Confessions of a Groupie

Isam Band CD cover 'Stay Awhile'For those expecting lurid tales of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, you are apt to be disappointed. I am after all both the author and editor of these tales and will use a heavy hand at extricating any damaging, compromising or otherwise inappropriate material. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.

That’s just a lure to get you to read my post. But, truth be told, I am indeed a bona fide groupie. You see, I went and married the bass player of a rock and roll band. Actually, he wasn’t the bass player then—he was the rhythm guitar player. But I think his nature is well-suited to the bass.

And this band has gone through several incarnations from the earliest days. It has evolved from being a cover-only, party till the cows come home rock band to the Isam Band, a source of award-winning original tunes—some romantic, some that rock, a little blues, a tad country, with hot guitar leads and soulful vocals. You can hear them New Year’s Eve at Dobson’s Restaurant and in June at the San Diego (a.k.a. Del Mar) Fair.

The band is putting the finishing touches on their CD, a work that’s been evolving for awhile. Isam (Sam) Khoury is the creative source of these tunes. He is both a conjurer of tunes and crafter of words. His supporting cast includes Paul on bass, Dave on drums, Michael on keys, and Bill on vocals and harp. Occasionally, there is also Sara on vocals as well. Recording and mixing all happened at Spragueland Studios, the incredible recording studio owned and run by Peter Sprague.

The CD includes guest appearances by Trip Sprague (flute and sax) and Peter Sprague (acoustic guitar). I have a sample tune. There isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t melt instantly if her significant other played this tune for her, saying something like “This is how I feel about you.”

Sam has given me permission to post it. So enjoy. Track: Whoever Brought You Near (God Bless) Vocals and Guitar: Sam; Guest Guitar: Peter. (2 MB)

The CD is in its final phase—tracks have been mixed and the cover artwork is being designed (sneak preview above). I will definitely repost when it is available (iTunes and regular, tactile CD), because, after all, I am a groupie.

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