Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes you can jes' pick 'em

Sunset at Beacon's in LeucadiaNo, not the weekly football pool.

No, not your guitar.

Then, what? Why, a particularly spectacular sunset!

No, you can’t always tell ahead of time, but when clouds are whisping about, throwing threads of fancy in the sky, you’ve got a shot (or two). These were all taken the same evening (Tuesday).

Above we see the glorious globe stealing the show at Beacon’s in Leucadia.

Sunset at Beacon's in Leucadia

But when the sun is gone, the clouds take over and illuminate the sky. The water provides the reflection. The mix provides the magic.

Sunset at Beacon's in Leucadia Skies like this must have inspired Monet. I can see why he spent weeks studying light at sunset and at sunrise. Here's a few more of the same in my flickr set.


Anonymous said...

HI Gail, I love your photos. I didn't know you enjoyed photography. I was playing STAY AWHILE and decided I'd like to buy a copy to send to my sis, so I googled...and found your web site! So give me a call and let me know how I can get a CD to send by Xmas.
Kay S. as in Skip

Unknown said...

hello gail.

fabulous photos...

that bottom one really is begging to turn into a painting...

Princess B said...

Wow! Beyond beautiful!

Gail said...

kay (s as in skip), edvard, and princess b: thank you for your kind comments.