Monday, January 14, 2008

A Matter of Pride

Don't mess with me-I'm a Lights Out San Diego Chargers FanWell, we’ve got them right where we want them. Yes, the Chargers beat the Colts yesterday 28-24, a rematch from earlier in the season. That one the Chargers also won, but no one gave the Bolts credit. It was simply, Manning had a bad day (6 picks) and Vinatieri missed a game-winning chip shot (true, he did). However, there was a reason Manning had a bad day: the Chargers have a good defensive line and an incredible pass defender named Antonio Cromartie. (He led the league in interceptions even though he wasn’t a starter from the beginning.) Cromartie has 4 Manning picks this season, one yesterday and three in that first contest.

Manning didn’t really have a bad game yesterday (402 yards passing), but, again the defense came up with the big plays (1st and goal on the nine and the Chargers keep the Colts from scoring).

Yesterday and today I have reveled in the non-stop replays: Cromartie’s interception run back for a TD—oops! called back by a dubious holding call—it’s nonetheless a beautiful run. Legedu Naanee’s gobbled yards in the crucial game-winning drive. Billy Volek’s gutsy performance as backup QB in the game-winning drive. Darren Sproles’ short reception turned into a 56-yard TD flash in Rivers’ last play of the day. Mike Turner, replacing Tomlinson in the second half, churning out the yards. Mike Scifres’ incredible punt from the end-zone that put Manning and company on their own 30 to start the final bid for points. Rivers’ perfect pass to Chambers for a TD. Jackson’s 10-foot hops for an incredible pull down in the end zone (another perfect pass from Rivers) for a TD. An offensive line that gave Rivers and Volek time and no sacks. Merriman, my buddy, grabbing at Manning’s heals all afternoon.

Yes, we’ve got them right where we want them. You see, the Patriots are expected to roll over the Chargers just like they did in week 2 of the season (that score was 38-14 Pats). Good. Let them think that. No sympathy for the cry-babies who want to see a Manning-Brady showdown. I’m looking for a Rivers-Manning showdown—Eli, that is. And, that’s when we show Archie how thankful we are for the snub.


Anonymous said...


The Bolts are for realz.

Anonymous said...

The tables have turned from last years loss, and we intend to pay the P@ts back in full. I really hope we have a "lights out" dance in the middle of their field.