Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wildflowers in Anza-Borrego Desert - Part 2

Brittlebush displayThe brittlebush creates splashes of color on hillsides all over the desert. Descending via Montezuma Valley Road (highway S22), we saw brittlebush all along the road. These wildflowers were also numerous along the Palm Canyon Trail (especially the alternate trail) and Little Surprise Canyon Trail.
Voracious caterpillar, bane of the bloomsBesides heat, these caterpillars are a reason why wildflowers disappear.
Unidentified field of white flowers glowing in the late afternoon lightIf I were a botanist I could tell you the name of this unidentified field of white flowers glowing in the late afternoon light at Little Surprise Canyon.
Brittlebush closeupCloseup of a brittlebush bloom.
Broom-rape, a parasitic wildflowerBroom-rape, a parasitic wildflower.
Desert chicory closeupCloseup of a desert chicory bloom with its etched petals.
Desert poppy closeupCloseup of a desert poppy bloom.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I found this photograph of the caterpillar. I have been trying to identify it and find out what it will turn into. Do you hve any idea what it is?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gail!

I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photographs from Anza-Borrego!

Comments on your pix from 3/29/08 and 7/25/07:

- your unidentified field of "white flowers" look like Amsinckia tessellata, fiddleneck, in seed; see

- your "Broom-rape, a parasitic wildflower", is actually Hyptis emoryi , desert lavender:

- your lovely picture of "silver cholla" is actually Gander's cholla, Opuntia ganderi:

- the caterpillar is a sphinx moth; search for that term on this page:

Tom Chester