Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Rubik's Guy

Brooklyn BridgeHe held the Rubik's cube easily in his hands, his long slender fingers wrapped around its edges, twisting first one way then another. He moved fast, his eyes focused on each new pattern, quickly seeing multiple sides. When he got close to solving the puzzle, he paused to look at each side before launching into a new series of twists and turns. I watched him surreptiously from my seat on New York City's Uptown 5 Express metro. I watched him because he was so engrossed in the process. He wasn't playing video games. He wasn't listening to music. No. He was the Rubik's Guy. Young. Slender. Confident. Absolutely intelligent. Kind of like Obama, only younger.Grounds outside New York Public Library

Before we reached 42nd Street - Grand Central, he solved the puzzle. He held it momentarily, a pause of satisfaction, then proceeded to completely randomize the cube before stuffing it away into his pocket. All ready, presumably, for the next subway ride. How fun!

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