Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have Gun – Will Backpack

Our treasued National Parks
Is it just me, but why do people need to carry concealed, loaded guns or rifles in national parks?

Last week Congress passed a Credit Card bill. Riding its coattails is a clause that allows visitors to national parks to carry concealed, loaded guns and rifles.

I am officially registering my disappointment in the actions of these gutless legislators.

So, I am camping in Yosemite Park and the guy in the campsite next to me may have a concealed gun on his person. If I accidentally amble too close to the border of his campsite, will he shoot me thinking I’m going to rob him?

Or, let’s say I’m out backpacking. It’s bear country, so I dutifully rope up my food out of paw reach of would-be bear guests. But, the group 100 meters down the path ain’t so backwoods savvy. They leave their food just laying around. And, what do you know . . . that bear comes amblin’ in looking for a hand-out. Bam! That high-powered rifle sure stopped the bear. No problem. My bacon ain’t bendin’ to no bear-theft Yogi wanna-be! Jes protecting my property, thank you kindly.

I ask yet again—who needs to carry a loaded concealed weapon in a national park? What kind of country are we?

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Unknown said...

>>What kind of country are we?>>
A country in which we are free to decide for ourselves if we want to carry a firearm for protection, or not to.