Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Montréal In Winter

When nephew Greg and his bride Capella decided to get married, they chose Montréal, the city where they met at school (McGill University) for their marriage ceremony. Lucky for us! Montreal turned out to be an engaging city, filled with a varied landscape. It is dominated by its "mountain," Mount Royal (or Mont Real in French). This shot looks towards the St. Lawrence River and the city center, taken from near the top of Mont Royal. Montreal, as it turns out, is an island. It is officially a bilingual city, but French dominates. It has a very easy-to-use metro (flat price no matter where you go) and a pedestrian-friendly city center, or centre.
Montreal has an area called the Old Port, or the Riverfront. This picture shows a tree-lined walkway near the riverfront and the old city, called "Vieux-Montréal."
Ice skating is a popular winter recreation and Montreal boasts many public outdoor rinks. This one is located at the riverfront.

Just a few blocks up from the river is Montreal's Chinatown. We found a particularly good Chinese restaurant (Beijing) near this gate.

This whimsical sculpture of three women is in Old Montreal on Rue St. Paul, a cobblestone street that takes you back in time.

La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal - the outside is rather simple, but the inside is one of the most ornate churches to behold. Don't feel like flying to Paris for old-world ambience? Consider Montreal, even in winter. (Of course, "winter" in Montreal is normally below freezing. We experienced a warm winter, with temperatures 20 degrees above normal.)
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Isabel said...

Hi Gail. I was happy to find your posting about my beloved city. I think you did a good job of getting the feel for it!

Gail said...

Greetings, Isabel. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope to return to Montreal; this trip was just a tickler!