Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Traveling Warrior Returns with a Story

Tom holding his tickets for the Chargers-Patriots game next Sunday
I have a guest post today from my friend and fellow book club member Tom. Here you see him proudly holding two tickets to the upcoming Chargers-Patriots game in Gillette Stadium.

I was one of the fans who joined the Chargers officially sanctioned travel agency trip to Indy. My package included a game ticket, a Saturday night bar gathering at Jillian's featuring local media
notables (Hank Bauer, Jim Laslavic, Josh Lewin), the Road Warrior himself, George Pernicano and even team doctor David Chao. Two hours of food and drink and fellowship with a room full of frenzied football fans.


After the booster boasting by the media men one fan was given the mike. A big man, Jim is his name, he slowly stood up and proceeded to tell us that he has six season tickets, lives in Alaska, flies to San Diego at the beginning of the season and attends all games here and away. And as a gesture of Alaskan spirit he bought spirits for everyone in the room. Later he told me the tab came to $530. Jim has ordered a special edition Dodge Charger with somewhere around 450 hp. It will be in blue & gold, of course.

At the table next to me a fellow named Jaime sat with his wife and five children. The youngest was 89 months old and all were going to the game. Jaime hails from Riverside. He's going to Gillette Stadium too. I'm still in awe of that guy.

After the win on Sunday we regrouped in the lobby of the Omni hotel and met even more Boltheads who were there on their own. Words cannot describe the gathering. Words are too quiet. Words are only part of song. Words don't hurt your cheeks after hours of grinning while drinking.

I've got my tickets today for the Gillette game. Jim and Jaime are the first two of many I just gotta be with again.

Dejected Colt fans leaving RCA Dome after Colts lose to Chargers in playoffsI took this shaky shot with raised cell phone as we exited the RCA Dome Sunday after it hosted its Colts last stand and our Chargers' next step. It conveys the specter and the energy of the event. Not a good photo for a classy blog but one worth sharing with ardent Boltheads!


Anonymous said...

I am going down to the Chargers store at the Q tomorrow to load up on supplies.
Can I bring you back anything?


Gail said...

Wow! Thanks for the offer, but I am good (I have my #56 throw-back jersey). What are you getting?

Anonymous said...

I got a new long sleeve t-shirt. My old one was getting a little, er, um ... raggedy.
I also got an antenna Charger helmet which is on Sally now. (Sally being my Mustang) And I got a knit cap for my fella. He has less hair than he used to so keeping the dome warm is essential.

Going to friends to watch the show.