Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year’s Day Labyrinth

Labyrinth at StoneStepsHow lucky we picked one of my favorite beaches for our low-tide run today. An extremely low tide on New Year’s Day 2011 gave sand artist Kirkos the opportunity to create a meditation labyrinth that was well attended. Indeed, parking was scarce and summer-like crowds milled about.
Labyrinth at StoneStepsPeople walked the labyrinth and brought items to help decorate this awesome artwork.
Labyrinth at StoneStepsLow tide provided plenty of beach for walkers, runners, and sand artist Kirkos.
Labyrinth at StoneStepsHere is Stone Steps Beach in Leucadia, looking north on a crystal clear (and sunny) New Year's Day. Happy New Years to all!


Anonymous said...

I would like to use the labyrinth photo to accompany the video "Lines in the Sand" on YouTube of the same labyrinth (or one like it). May I have permission?

Gail said...

Robert, thanks for asking! Yes you may. Leave a link to YouTube so we can see! --Gail

CS said...

That's lovely sand art. Nice way to enjoy the beach.