Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Patterns in the Sand

Just as artist Kirkos (Kirk Van Allyn) was climbing the steps at Stone Steps beach with his artists’ tools in his backpack and his dog Cody close by, I happen to arrive at the top of the stairs. What greeted me below was the sand art pictured here.
Sand Art and Photo by Kirk Van Allyn
Kirkos creates public art on the beach at low tide, leaving intricate geometric designs in the tidal wet sand for any who happen by to admire. I have seen his art many times, but today I was lucky to meet and greet the artist himself. He so kindly sent me these pictures so I could post them in time for a Valentine’s Day greeting! Thank you Kirk.
Sand Art and Photo by Kirk Van Allyn

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vagabondtramp said...

i think this is the best kind of art. not the kind you've got to go to a fancy smancy art museum to see. anyone can come and enjoy it for free. also, thanks for the comment :)