Sunday, February 18, 2007

Meeting Barack Obama

Barack Obama speaking at Scripps Birch Aquarium
The ’08 election is more than a year away, yet already the campaigning and fund raising has begun. Today, I somehow find myself at Scripps Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, rubbing elbows with like-minded San Diegans, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the guest of honor: Barack Obama. As a bonus, the wine and cheese reception featured one of my favorite music groups, Peter Sprague. Indeed, it was Peter’s weekly email newsletter that let me know the Barack Obama meet and greet event was planned. How could I pass up such an opportunity?

Even though Senator Obama arrived late, he did not disappoint us. He spoke for 30 minutes, and even answered a few questions. Many of us brought copies of Audacity of Hope for him to sign—and he signed as many as he could before being whisked off to the next event (each succeeding event had a steeper price tag). This was, after all, a fund raising trip, not really a campaign trip. But, he spoke of the need to fix America, to end the bleeding (literally and financially) in Iraq, to take advantage of the opportunities that addressing the challenges of the environment gives us. He spoke of how America has the ability to contribute to the global economy in a healthy way. He answered questions about prescription drugs and medicare and the threat of Iran and North Korea. He urged us all to go to and participate in his candidacy and email our friends and family and get them involved as well. Americans are ready to get serious about their government. I know I’m ready to take back my country.

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