Friday, June 01, 2007

Is Global Warming a Liberal Cause?

Earth from Space (courtesy of NASA)Today I learned about a publishing company that seeks to counter what it sees as a left-leaning bent in children’s books—books that try to teach diversity or global responsibility, for example. The article is a Los Angeles Column One article appearing in today’s paper (Stephanie Simon, Los Angeles Times, Teaching kids right from left, June 1, 2007.) Among other topics, Kids Ahead imprint seeks to publish titles debunking global warming targeting the preteen market. Its parent company, World Ahead Publishing wants to counter The Down-to-Earth Guide To Global Warming which urges youngsters to take action to fight global warming, a Scholastic title due out in September. Brilliant! We can’t have children growing up being sensitive to our environment! Any action that results in government meddling in the lives of free Americans would be harmful to us, according to Eric Jackson, co-founder of World Ahead Publishing.

World Ahead Publishing is the publisher of the dubious and unconvincing title Thank You, President Bush. Check out the Amazon reviews (where reviewers tended to give it either a 5 or a 1—but nothing in between). Publishing that title robs World Ahead Publishing of all credibility. As a serious book, it is an ignoble propaganda tool. As a parody, it is a hilarious depiction of power gone wrong. Fodder for SNL skits. A sad tribute to the worst president ever.

But getting back to global warming: Since when is global warming a liberal cause? Global warming is fact. Perhaps, what to do about it can be viewed as a liberal or conservative cause. If Eric Jackson has his way, we will do nothing until the problem is solved by private enterprise (or we wait until the problem becomes unsolvable). Jackson sees any government involvement as a bad thing. If polar bears become extinct, so be it.


Julia Milovat said...

When dealing with anything, or anyone, or even anyplace, with gentle loving kindness one must deal in terms of the truth.

To rightly take care of our earth we need the facts.

The earth's temperature has always fluctuated.

To pretend that we have some kind of dire circumstance coming when none exists, is really is a great disservice not only to the people involved, but to the cause which you are pretending to represent. Lies only serve the purpose of those who would use people for their own petty machinations.

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