Monday, June 04, 2007

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Sara and Patty about mile 18: Photo by ChristiI never knew it was so much fun to run a marathon . . . (Actually, I do. I ran the San Francisco Marathon in 1979. I think it was fun. I don’t remember!) My daughter Sara (“Hare”) and her running buddy Patty (“Turtle”) ran the San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon yesterday and had a fabulous time pounding the pavement. Sara confesses “I don’t think I would have finished without Patty encouraging me,” but you’d never know either one needed a push. I hung out at the finish line so I could see them cross. It’s a feel-good experience watching the runners near the end. Some are in pain, some are exuberant, some are barely lifting that one foot. Couples, friends, and family members hold hands for the last 20 yards. A few sprint, just to show they can.
The Turtle and the Hare: Photo by ChristiThe Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon provides live race-day results. I could track Sara’s progress in the morning (10K, half-marathon, and 21-mile splits are reported on the website). I timed my arrival at the finish, navigating traffic, parking issues, and crowds entering the San Diego Marine Corp Training Depot (MCRD) as we all patiently waited in line for individual searches and screening similar to airport security checks.

Approaching the finish!
Congratulations to Sara and Patty (and Taryn and Mary and David and John and . . . ) and all the other finishers who completed the 10th annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

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Congrats to your daughter!